coaching and mentoring


coaching and mentoring

Shayla enjoys working with legal professionals, CEOs, and executive/mid-level managers to provide coaching and mentoring services.  With Shayla you will find personalised guidance for designing purposeful careers, strategic and inspirational leadership, and effective management. With over two decades of experience as an award-winning lawyer, seasoned CEO, and visionary business leader, Shayla offers invaluable insights and hands-on mentorship to individuals navigating leadership, and managerial roles. Her approach transcends traditional coaching, delving into the nuances of purpose, innovation, and resilience, empowering clients to achieve lasting success in their respective fields.

for legal professionals/lawyers

Shayla has mentored many lawyers over a 20 year period and now has now tailored mentoring and coaching for legal professionals seeking to carve out meaningful careers that strike a harmonious balance between professional success and personal fulfillment. Drawing from over two decades as an award-winning lawyer, Shayla guides individuals in challenging conventional norms, exploring innovative work methodologies, and breaking free from traditional career paths. Her mentorship goes beyond standard career advice, encouraging legal professionals to embrace new ways of working and discover paths that align with their unique aspirations, ultimately fostering a fulfilling and balanced life within the legal landscape.


for CEO’s and managers

For new CEOs seeking comprehensive guidance in navigating business, Shayla offers executive coaching. Her hands-on experience as a CEO for over 15 years positions her as a strategic partner for business leaders striving for excellence. Shayla’s coaching sessions delve into strategic leadership, innovation, systems, entrepreneurial insights, and the pursuit of a balanced professional and personal life. Through personalised mentoring, she guides CEOs in making informed decisions, driving innovation, and leading their organisations with a focus on sustained success.

Executive and mid-level managers engaged in the journey of leadership and management find a steadfast mentor in Shayla. Her coaching services are tailored to cultivate effective leadership skills, emphasising the importance of empathy, communication, and strategic thinking. Shayla’s mentorship extends beyond conventional management practices, integrating her global perspective and experience in various professional environments. Aspiring leaders benefit from her guidance, gaining the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of management, foster team cohesion, and drive organisational success.

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