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“Shayla leaves a lasting impression and after hearing her speak I am often reflecting on how I can best implement her learnings into the work I do as a leader.”

I’m shayla Strapps

Known for her unconventional approach and a penchant for challenging established norms, Shayla brings a fresh perspective to the business arena. Her journey as a changemaker extends beyond the legal realm, where she has actively contributed to fostering innovation and pushing boundaries.

In addition to her illustrious legal career spanning two decades, Shayla’s leadership sets her apart. Her commitment to equity and social justice has earned her prestigious accolades, including the Lawyer of the Year Award and Woman Lawyer of the Year Award in Western Australia.

Shayla is an accomplished business leader and CEO with over 15 years of experience at the helm of various successful ventures. A seasoned founder, she has demonstrated her entrepreneurial prowess, navigating the challenges of establishing and growing businesses. Currently, Shayla leverages her expertise in the business world to provide strategic advisory services.

Recognizing the toll that the legal profession and other high-stakes environments can take on individuals, Shayla actively seeks unconventional paths to achieve balance. As a mentor, coach, and inspirational figure, she guides others in finding equilibrium in their professional and personal lives. Shayla’s journey includes bold decisions such as relocating to France for 18 months and making career shifts in pursuit of passion and balance, resulting in a wealth of amusing anecdotes and profound lessons.

A sought-after expert in her field, Shayla is a regular guest on radio and in the media. Her measured and knowledgeable voice adds depth to discussions on a wide range of current topics. Shayla continues to redefine success, not just as a lawyer but as a visionary business leader committed to making a positive impact on both her community and the professional landscape.

The way she presents is appealing and engaging, using her extensive experience in the field of law and translating it into practical lessons.”

 in the Media

Shayla is a regular guest on radio and in the media and provides a measured and knowledgeable voice to a range of current topics

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