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who is shayla

Shayla Strapps is a remarkable public speaker, CEO and mentor who has dedicated her life to helping the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society. With a successful and award winning career as a lawyer, entrepreneur and CEO spanning 20 years, Shayla has become an inspirational catalyst and an unwavering advocate for change.


“Shayla’s speech was everything I hoped it would be. Her ability to read the crowd and share her experiences and stories in a relatable way that captured everyone’s attention was exceptional. I was so grateful to Shayla for engaging with our community. Her messages on inspiring change left a lasting impression on me. We have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone that attended”

Kellie Radalj, Assistant Branch Manager – Bendigo Bank

“Shayla is an exceptional public speaker. The way she presents is appealing and engaging, using her extensive experience in the field of law and translating it into practical lessons. It is the way Shayla translates her story and presents her experiences which really make her presentations stand out. Shayla maintains a humility that is refreshing despite her impressive background and she is always truthful, open and clear. Shayla leaves a lasting impression and after hearing her speak I am often reflecting on how I can best implement her learnings into the work I do as a leader.”

Elsie Blay, General Manager Housing & Homelessness – Ruah Community Services

“Shayla Strapps achieves cut through and influence whenever she speaks. Her professional experience, empathy, precise language, exposure to diverse people and perspectives, commanding presence and an ability to tell a compelling and targeted narrative, provides the powerful components to being a standout and memorable public speaker. There are too many ‘professional’ speakers who are formulaic, repetitive and sometimes with little to say. In these current times, this delivery is bland and unprogressive. Shayla Straps provides an opportunity to engage and re-engage with ideas, issues and people in a fresh, compelling, inclusive and powerful manner. Highly recommended.”

Aine Whelan, General Manager Marketing, Business Development & Community Engagement.

“Shayla is a powerful speaker, able to articulate the action required by each of us in achieving social equity. As an award winning lawyer she knows the justice system and has seen first hand how our vulnerable experience disadvantage. And while her message is powerful in regard to the systems level changes that are needed, she also has a message for all of us. That we each need to embody the change we seek.”

Melinda Cahill, Marketing Director, Huddle.

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